Fine Photographs are meant to be cherished over lifetimes.

Welcome to The Silver Wall

The Silver Wall offers collectors, artists and new buyers a marketplace to appreciate, buy and sell photography with help from people who love photography.

Joshua Mann Pailet created The Silver Wall to enable people to buy and sell fine photography online.  Joshua Mann Pailet began A Gallery for Fine Photography in 1973 and The Silver Wall was created as an online marketplace in 2020.

The reputation of A Gallery for Fine Photography is an established one among collectors, and thus provides a level of reassurance that does not exist in other platforms such as EBay and auction houses.  


Exquisite, Original Prints

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All inventory is approved by our team and condition reports and descriptions are up to date.

Our Backstory

Having owned A Gallery for Fine Photography for over 45 years, Joshua Mann Pailet has had the honor to place millions of photographs with collectors. As time has passed and the photography market has grown, clients continue to seek Pailet’s help to consign photographs previously purchased from him, a well as those acquired from other sources.  Thus the idea for The Silver Wall was born: A place to buy and sell fine photographs with help from the team at A Gallery for Fine Photography.

As curators of fine photography, we share your interest in making sure that your pieces are properly cataloged and displayed optimally. Undoubtedly photography as fine art will outlive all of us and its influence will only continue to widen.

Just as a photographer shoots an image and prints it later, the life of a finished photograph is ever-changing. We have created a place where fine photographs can continue to move throughout the world as influential collectibles and objects of art.