Why trust us?

Joshua Mann Pailet has owned A Gallery for Fine Photography in New Orleans for over 48 years and is a photographer himself. Joshua has packed, shipped, sold, curated, framed, appraised and admired millions of fine photographs. This is the fine photography expert to assist you.

How do I submit a photograph for sale?

Please fill out our submission form. We will ask for photographs (taken with your phone is fine) and basic information about the photograph. Our team will be in touch within a week if we decide it is right for The Silver Wall.

Submit a Photograph

How does pricing work?

Once we accept the submission for the site, we will provide you with a range of a selling price and The Silver Wall's commission. To get an exact price, we have to see the original photograph. Upon receipt, our team will pull from recent market prices and experience to give you a price for The Silver Wall. Such factors as: artist, print date, rarity, condition, image/paper size, and material will be examined.

What are our consignment terms?

Our consignment terms change depending on each submission. We will determine the pricing and the commission we will need including damage and liability fees on an individual basis.

How do I ship my accepted submitted photograph to you?

Take to a professional packer and shipper (Fedex, UPS, third party). You are responsible for your fine photography until it is in our hands. Please keep your insurance policy until item is sold. No glass is allowed. Only acrylic is safe for shipping. If unframed, prepare it correctly between thick cardboard (3 inches) and mylar before shipping. Please review our blog post on : packing, shipping and handling fine photography.

Packing, shipping & handling Fine Photographs