Item Number: AA-32755

Moonrise Over Hernandez, New Mexico, 1941

Ansel Adams


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This very rare oversized print of Moonrise Over Hernandez by Ansel Adams has only been printed Paper size: 21″ x 26 3/8″, 6 times.
The quality and condition of this photograph is excellent. Ansel Adams printed it in 1969 and signed the mount au recto in ink.
A letter written by Ansel Adams is included with the photograph. Read Ansel Adams Letter

Ansel Easton Adams (1902-1984) was an American Landscape photographer and environmentalist known for his black and white images of the American West. He was a founding group member of Group f/64 an association of photographers advocating “pure” photography favoring sharp focus and the use of full tonal range of a photograph. Ansel Adams developed a photography system of image making called the Zone System, a method of achieving a final photographic print through a technical understanding of tonal range development in the negative and the printed version of a photograph. This approach resulted in clarity of depth and tone in his photographs.